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Polar Bear, Glaucous Gulls and a Thayer's Gull (front) feeding on a dead Beluga Whale, which came into this shallow bay to rub off its outer skin, but got stranded at low tide. This provided food for Polar Bears, gulls and other animals. We saw 17 Polar Bears at this location, and a record 43 for the trip. Coningham Bay, Prince of Wales Island, Nunavut, on 26 August 2015, with Worldwide Quest.


VIDEO: Polar Bear kills cub - could be upsetting to some.


We didn't see what happened so we can only surmise the chain of events. Possibly this adult male Polar Bear happened upon a female with a cub or cubs, fought the female, but being larger and stronger, grabbed the cub and killed it, or this cub was on its own. This behaviour is normal and well documented, and occurs in other bears such as Black and Grizzly Bears. 2 September 2015.


Female with two cubs on Baffin Island on 1 September 2015


Polar Bear on sea ice in Baffin Bay on 1 September 2015.


Arctic Fox eating Beluga Whale carcass at Coningham Bay, Nunavut on 26 August 2015.


Bearded Seal on ice flow on 27 August near Bellot Strait. Largest of the seals.


Northern Bottlenose Whale in Baffin Bay on 2 September 2015. A deep-diving whale that is not often seen.


We saw about 60 Walruses at Monumental Island on 4 September, a brilliant sighting on this outstanding wildlife trip.


Polar Bear, Glaucous Gulls and a Thayer's Gull (front) feeding on a dead Beluga Whale.


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