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The Akademik Ioffe is a Russian ship, build for polar expeditions.



I thank Laurielle Penny of Worldwide Quest for inviting me to be on the resource team of the Canadian Universities Alumni Expedition to Canada's Northwest Passage aboard the Akademik Ioffe. I also extend appreciation to Ian Shanahan and alumni travellers for their enthusiasm and camaraderie. The captain and crew of the Ioffe and OneOcean Expedition Team are commended for excellent service and a successful trip.



We sailed from Cambridge Bay in the Central Canadian Arctic north to Lancaster Sound, to Pond Inlet and down the east coast of Baffin Island to Iqaluit, a distance of about 3847 km (2390 mi).


We went ashore daily in zodiacs to explore. Ron in the bow.


Watching a Polar Bear from the bow of the Ioffe.


Worldwide Quest Staff, L to R: Jean Iron, Laurielle Penny and Ian Shanahan.


East coast of Baffin Island