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Arctic Cotton Grass Eriophorum scheuchzeri at Dundas Harbour on 29 August 2015. Arctic wildflowers are spectacular during their short growing season. During our visit they showed their fall colours. 


Arctic Bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum at Dundas Harbour showing fall colours, and berries that are attractive to wildlife


Purple Saxifrage saxifrage oppositifolia is the territorial flower of Nunavut. We were lucky to see this late lingering bloom at Stromness Bay on 25 August 2015.


Nodding or Bulblet Saxifrage Saxifraga cernua has little bulbils on the stem. Stromness Bay on 25 August 2015.


Yellow Marsh Saxifrage Saxifraga hirculus at Dundas Harbour in boggy areas.


Prickly Saxifrage Saxifraga tricuspidata was still blooming well. Note each leaf has three spikes, which give the plant its name. Fort Ross on 27 August 2015.


Arctic Poppy Papava radicatum at Dundas Harbour on 29 August 2015


Long-stalked Starwort Stellaria longipes at Stromness Bay on 25 August 2015

Fluffy seed heads of Arctic Willow Salix arctica at Stromness Bay

Botanizing - It was fun figuring out the Arctic plants on the tundra.
We were thrilled to see this handsome Wolf Spider at Gibbs Fjord on 31 August 2015  We also had many spiders at Sunshine Fjord on 3 August.

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