James Bay Shorebird Project 2018

Longridge Point from 31 July to 13 August - Page 6 of 10


Birds and Fish

Arctic Tern on 3 August 2018. Two adults flew right over us, accompanied by a juvenile. Photo by Isabel Apkarian.


Canada Jays were regular around camp. Juvenile/first year on 7 August.


Female Northern Shoveler with 6 young on 7 August


Leconte's Sparrow on 5 August 2018. This sparrow is common in the marsh at camp.


Nelson's Sparrow in marsh near camp. They sang up until 11 August. Photo by Riley Walsh.


We learned about the local small fish from Riley Walsh. Here is Nine-spined Stickleback on 7 August. Photo by Riley Walsh.


Three-spined Stickleback by Riley Walsh


Brook Stickleback by Riley Walsh


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