James Bay Shorebird Project 2018

Longridge Point from 31 July to 13 August - Page 7 of 10


Moths by Isabel Apkarian and Riley Walsh. Thanks also to Ross Wood for organizing mothing evenings.

Black-rimmed Prominent by Isabel Apkarian.


Immaculate Grass-veneer - likely the abundant species of small white moth that flushed everywhere in the sedge. Photo by Riley Walsh.


Boomerang Dart (only 7 records on iNaturalist). Photo by Isabel Apkarian.


Flame-shouldered Dart by Riley Walsh.


Putnam's Looper by Isabel Apkarian


Labrador Carpet. Cryptically coloured and beautiful. Photo by Riley Walsh.


Silver-spotted Ghost by Isabel Apkarian

Finned-willow Prominent by Isabel Apkarian


Large Looper by Riley Walsh.


Marbled Carpet Moth. Amazingly beautiful and cryptic. Photo by Riley Walsh.


Ross, Riley and Isabel set up the mothing sheet and lamps on the main cabin exterior wall. Photo by Riley Walsh.


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