James Bay Shorebird Project 2018

Longridge Point from 31 July to 13 August - Page 8 of 10


Beluga and Black Bears

This Beluga or White Whale put on a magnificent show as it scraped itself on the gravelly sea bottom to slough its skin. It rolled and turned and slapped the water at Paskwatchi Point. Belugas do this once a year in summer. 4 August 2018. Photo by Michael Runtz.


VIDEO of Beluga rolling, turning and slapping the water as it sloughed its skin.

The Beluga was very close to shore. It isn't very deep along the shoreline, even at high tide. Photo by Michael Runtz.


Longridge is always great for Black Bears, which are attracted to the abundant fruit and vegetation.


VIDEO of single bear I stumbled on and part 2 shows mother bear and her two cubs.

Mother bear and her two cubs loved the ridge and corner behind the banding nets. We gave her lots of room.


Bear scat told us what berries the bears were eating - here it's gooseberries


Canada Buffaloberries (Shepherdia canadensis) or soapberries were plentiful too.


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