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Quest Nature Tours -25 June to 5 July 2019

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

VIDEO LINK: First we spotted a male Rock Ptarmigan in summer plumage, then suddenly saw the female and 9 well camouflaged little chicks. 27 June 2019.


I thank all the travellers for choosing to come and explore Iceland.on this trip. Your energy, enthusiasm and good spotting contributed to a successful time. I appreciate everything Asi, our excellent Icelandic guide, did to make the trip fun, informative and enjoyable I also thank Justin Peter of Quest Nature Tours for asking me to be the leader on this adventure tour.


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The ptarmigan habitat of moss and lichen-covered lava is spectacular. 27 June 2019


Basalt stacks with nesting seabirds at Arnstapi. The day started out wet and foggy, but cleared for the afternoon. 27 June 2019.


Magnificent bird cliffs are all along the coast of Snaefellsnes Peninsula. 27 June 2019.


The Svortuloft arch is a famous landmark. It's also packed with nesting seabirds. 27 June 2019.


Common Murres, Thick-billed Murres and Razorbills at Svortuloft on 27 June 2019


Common Murres at Svortuloft on 27 June 2019. They are much more common than Thick-billed Murres. 27 June 2019


One of our many highlights was seeing these Thick-billed Murres at Svortuloft. 27 June 2019.


We found 400 Glaucous Gulls at Olafsvik Fossa, Snaefellsnes Peninsula on 27 June 2019.


Adult Glaucous Gull on 27 June 2019


Pair of Whooper Swans with three cygnets. 27 June 2019


The camera is always ready.


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