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Eyasfjordur: Whale Watching and Hrisey Island

Whale watching in Eyasfjordur is usually productive with sightings of Humpbacks. 30 June 2019.


These special survival suits also kept us warm and dry.


We had close up views of the Humpbacks. 30 June 2019.


Northern Fulmars fly alongside the boat hoping for scraps of fish. 30 June 2019.


Ferry to Hrisey island

After Whale watching, we took a short ferry ride to Hrisey Island situated in Eyasfjordur. 30 June 2019.


On the island behind the small town is extensive heathland with many nesting birds, including this Whimbrel. 30 June 2019.


Small White Orchid Pseudorchis albida on Hrisey Island

Northern Green Orchid Plantathera hyperborea on Hrisey Island


Alpine Bistort Bistorta vivipara on Hrisey Island

Common Butterwort Pinguicula vulgaris on Hrisey Island


Thrift Armeria maritima on Hrisey Island. 30 June 2019.


The bee probably is Heath Bumblebee, Bombus jonellus on Nootka Lupin Lupinus nootkatensis on Hrisey Island on 30 June 2019.


The bees are probably Heath Bumblebees, Bombus jonellus on Angelica at Blonduos on 29 June 2019


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