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The Highlands and Hveravellir

Hveravellir Hot Springs in the Highlands of Iceland are an oasis in a stark landscape. and the vegetation is rich. 2 July 2019.



VIDEO: Hveravellir Hot Springs and Birds

Shorebirds fed in the hot pools and streams. This Common Redshank had a juvenile nearby, so bred in the area. 2 July 2019.


Common Ringed Plover


Dunlin feeding in the warm stream. This is the European subspecies, shinzii


We were thrilled to see Northern Wheatears. This individual is carrying food. Hveravellir on 2 July 2019


Asi our guide and our vehicle, which had high clearance and special tires for the highland road, which is rough and not paved. It's closed in the winter and sometime not open until well into June. 2 July 2019.


We took frequent breaks to take photos of the stunning landscape of mountains and glaciers to the east and west. Road across the Highlands on 2 July 2019.


This glacier moves slowly but is receding every year. 2 July 2019.


Group photo taken on the road to the Highlands from Akureyri. 2 July 2019.


Sea Campion is a tough plant that can survive harsh conditions. Highlands on 2 July 2019.


Crowberries ripening nicely at Hveravellir Hot Springs on 2 July 2019.


Alpine Mouse-ear in the Highlands on 2 July 2019


Wild thyme was widespread. It grows profusely at Geysir. 2 July 2019.


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