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Buttercup Tree at Black Rock Lodge


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The dining room at Black Rock Lodge overlooks the Macal River.


Macal River below Black Rock Lodge


Black Orchid is the national flower of Belize at Black Rock Lodge on 24 February 2011


Wild Begonias bloomed beside the trails and road at Black Rock


Cohune Palm is an important native tree for its nutritious fruits and fronds for thatching roofs.


The open parking area surrounded by tall trees was a magnet for birds early morning and late afternoon.


White-whiskered Puffbird at Black Rock was a regular beside the open dining room. 24 February 2011.


Green Honeycreeper at one of many feeders at Black Rock. 26 February 2011.


This Spotted Sandpiper was feeding on many small flies and insects in the compost heap at Black Rock. Also feeding in the compost were Northern Waterthrush, Gray Catbird and Hooded Warbler. 25 February 2011.


Black-cheeked Woodpecker at Black Rock on 24 February 2011.


Juvenile Great Black Hawk on the trail at Black Rock on 24 February 2011


We took a night drive and saw this Northern Potoo, a large nightjar, on 24 February 2011


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