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Blue Morpho butterfly at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch in Belize on 25 February 2011


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Malachite underside of wing



Gray Cracker

White Peacock at Belize City on 22 February 2011



Tiger Longwing Heliconius hecale

Mexican Blue


Thoas Swallowtail



Epidendrum imatophyllum orchid is native to Central America, growing at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch on 25 February 2011.


Caribbean Pines on higher ground at Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.


Acorn Woodpecker at Mountain Pine Hills Forest Reserve on 25 February.


Acorn Woodpeckers have been busy drilling holes to store their acorns at Pine Hills Reserve on 25 February 2011


Female Violaceous Trogon at Yaxha in Guatemala on 27 February 2011


Exploring Yaxha Mayan site in Guatemala with Billy our Guatemalan guide on 27 February 2011.


Frieze on the Castillo at Xunantunich in Belize on 26 February 2011.


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