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Red-lored Parrots at Tikal in Guatemala on 1 March 2011


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Planning our route to explore Tikal with Billy, our Guatemalan guide on 28 February 2011.


Taking a ride up to the Gran Plaza in the Tikal van, 28 February 2011


Temple of the Great Jaguar in the Central Plaza at Tikal in Guatemala. Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


View from Temple lV of extensive rainforest surrounding Tikal. Many Mayan sites are deep in the jungle and are national parks or reserves that also protect wildlife.


White-nosed Coatis at Tikal


Baby Black Howler Monkey at Tikal


Ocellated Turkey is abundant at Tikal


Adult Crane Hawk at Tikal on 28 March 2011


Brown Jay at Tikal


This feisty female Green-breasted Mango chased toucans, woodpeckers, and Brown Jays away from her nest high in a tree.


Lineated (left) and Pale-billed (right) Woodpeckers at Tikal on 28 March 2011


Cinnamon-colored Woodpecker at Tikal on 1 March 2011


Oncidium ascendens orchid at Tikal


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