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Collared Aracari at Pook's Hill


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Early birds were up by 6 a.m. with Francisco, the lodge`s resident guide on right.


Bat Falcon at Pook's Hill


Female Slaty-tailed Trogon at Pook`s Hill on 2 March 2011


Black-headed Saltator at Pook`s Hill on 2 March 2011


Ocre-bellied flycatcher on 2 March 2011


Short-billed Pigeon on 1 March 2011


Fork-tailed Flycatcher on the road to Pook's Hill on 3 March 2011


Blue-crowned Motmot at Pook`s Hill on 4 March 2011.


On a night walk and saw this Common Parauque on the ground at the lodge on 2 March 2011.


On our night walk we saw sleeping birds in a tree. We think this is a Wood Thrush. 2 March 2011.


Lizard sleeping under a leaf. 2 March 2011.


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