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 with Quest Nature Tours

12-23 June 2019

Our expedition vessel to the North Atlantic islands was the RCGS Resolute operated by OneOcean Expeditions. 


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VIDEO LINK: Zodiac ride back to RCGS Resolute at Miovagur, Faroe Islands on 18 June 2019.


Quest Nature Tours group photo by Boomer Jerritt, OneOcean's resident photographer.


VIDEO LINK: Zodiac tour around RCGS Resolute.

We sailed from ship to shore and back by zodiac.


This map shows the cruise destinations.


The ship had excellent decks for viewing wildlife.


Daily, we tallied our wildlife sightings on our checklist.


RCGS Resolute is anchored in Seydisfjordur, our first stop in Iceland. We landed our zodiacs in the town of the same name. 19 June 2019.


Zodiac cruising is an excellent way to see the coastline and seabird colonies. Dyrholaey in Iceland on 21 June 2019.


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