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Shetland Islands: Hermaness on 16 June 2019

Atlantic Puffins atop the huge cliffs at Hermaness National Nature Reserve. The seabird colonies are spectacular. 16 June 2019.


Please watch VIDEO of Atlantic Puffins at Hermaness

Atlantic Puffins walk about and are used to visitors at Hermaness. 16 June 2019.


Looking towards the small island of Muckle Flugga, Britain's most northerly point. 16 June 2019.


The Northern Gannet colony has over 40,000 pairs.


VIDEO of Northern Gannets at Hermaness

Northern Gannets packed in tightly on the cliffs at Hermaness. 16 June 2019.


We looked down on the Northern Gannet colony and were in awe of the swirling masses of birds and a superb view along the coast. 16 June 2019.


Great Skuas nest on the wide open heath that leads up to the cliffs. This is one of the largest breeding sites in Europe. 16 June 2019.


VIDEO of Great Skuas at Hermaness

Great Skua shows the dramatic white flashes in the wing at Hermaness on 16 June 2019.


Great Skuas gather in large numbers around Hermaness. 16 June 2019.


VIDEO of Northern Fulmar at Hermaness

Northern Fulmars also breed on the steep cliffs at Hermaness. 16 June 2019.


A boardwalk protects the heath and facilitates the long walk.


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