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We rescued this young female Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth off the main road. We hope it stays safe. 16 February 2017.


Video link: Sloth in tree after being rescued off road 


We saw the sloth crawling across the busy main road to Gamboa. Michael stopped the birdmobile, raced out, grabbed it and took it in the direction it was going. He knew where to grab it on its back so it couldn't swing around and injure him with its long claws.


It immediately climbed up the tree.


These Western Night-Monkeys were looking out their hole when we scoped them from the road. 16 February 2017.


Geoffroy's Tamarins at Canopy Tower. We went back to the Tower for lunch and watched them from the restaurant at eye-level in the canopy. 16 February 2017.


Mantled Howler Monkey on Semaphore Hill on 16 February 17. A troupe of about 8 monkeys was feeding in the canopy. We heard them in the night and early morning.


We saw many White-nosed Coatis on our trip.


The Canopy Tower Birdmobile was a great way to transport our Quest group on excursions in the area.


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