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A highlight of our Quest Nature Tours trip was transiting the Panama Canal aboard the Safari Voyageur on 18 February 2017. Ship photo at end of page. Prior to the transit we explored the area with our Canopy Tower guides on 17 and 18th.


New Panama Canal capable of taking much larger modern ships. Seen from the ferry. 17 February 2017.


Old Panama Canal is still working at capacity. Seen from the Gatun Ferry. 17 February 2017


Some of our group on the Gatun ferry. We had excellent views of ships passing.


American Crocodile at Gatun Lake. 18 February


Snail Kite at Gatun Lake. 18 February


Greater Ani on the Chagres River on 18 February


Savanna Hawk near Gatun Locks on 17 February 2017


At 315 p.m. on 18 February, we boarded Safari Voyageur and within 40 minutes we sailed for the Panama Canal.


We were lucky to enter Gatun Locks in daylight.


We celebrated and had dinner on deck as we transited The Panama Canal. The mules are doing their job behind us. We marvelled at this engineering masterpiece that is over 100 years old and still the vital link between two oceans.


Toasting the Panama Canal and our memorable transit on 18 February 2017


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