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Granito de Oro is a small island in Coiba National Park. 20 February 2017.


Mangrove Yellow Warbler is characterized by its chestnut head forming a distinct hood. It's the resident (non-migratory) subspecies Setophage petechia aithocorys on the Pacific coast of Panama from Chiriquí to Coclé, including Isla Coiba. 20 February 2017


Click on photo for Brown Pelican video. This Brown Pelican was fishing close to shore. 20 February 2017


. Adult Common Black Hawk (previously Mangrove Black Hawk) on 20 February 2017. We thought the cere and legs were particularly orange.


Click on photo for Wilson's Plover video  Flock of about 30 Wilson's Plovers rested on the rocks. 20 February 2017.


Resting with the plovers were about 40 Sanderlings in winter plumage. 20 February 2017. Click on photo for Sanderlings video


The Coiba Agouti is endemic to Coiba. It was at the park headquarters on the main island. 20 February 2017.


The crocodile was resting under shrubbery along the beach. It's very large and old. It didn't look well.


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