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The Mountain Pine Ridge is a reserve that protects a spectacular open pine forest on red sandy soil, now dominated by Caribbean Pine -Honduran variety and interspersed with oaks and grass savanna. The native pine forest was devastated by Southern Pine Bark Beetle around 2000 and most of what we see today results from reforestation efforts. We visited on 14 March 2014.


Our Ontario Nature group with superb local guides Luis Godoy, left, and Diego Cruz front centre. 14 March 2014


Swallow-tailed Kites perched in the pines and put on a good show.. 14 March 2014.


A pair of Plumbeous Kites mating. 14 March 2014.


Acorn woodpeckers were common in the pine forest.


Acorn Woodpeckers made all these holes for storing acorns in the walls of this abandoned house. 14 March 2014.


Rusty Sparrow is a specialty bird of Mountain Pine Ridge. 14 March 2014.


Underside of an Owl Butterfly in the gardens at the Green Hills Butterfly Farm. This one was wild (possibly an escapee). 14 March 2014.


Upperside of the same Owl Butterfly in the gardens at the Green Hills Butterfly Farm. 14 March 2014.


Hummingbird feeders at the butterfly farm were constantly busy with White-necked Jacobins on 14 March 2014.


Wedge-tailed Sabrewing at the Green Hills Butterfly Farm feeders on 14 March 2014. We saw eight species of hummingbirds at these feeders.


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