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Royal Flycatcher building a nest at Barton Creek Cave on 21 March 2014


We canoed into Barton Creek Cave. 21 March 2014


Headlamps lighting the way, we explored this beautiful cave with formations of stalactites and stalagmites.


We found bats resting in the stalactites


Black Rock River Lodge

The Black Rock feeders attracted Collared Aracaris and many other birds. 21 March 2014.


White-fronted Parrots at Black Rock River Lodge on 20 March 2014


White-crowned Parrot at Black Rock Lodge on 22 March 2014


Black-cheeked Woodpecker at Black Rock on 20 March 2014.


Green Iguana at Black Rock 21 March 2014.


Summer Tanager was a regular sight at Black Rock on 20 March 2014..


Yellow-winged Tanagers came to the fruit feeders at Black Rock.


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