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Red-lored Parrots at Tikal on 16 March 2014


This Emerald Toucanet feeding on fruit was a highlight of our tour. Click on photo for video of Emerald Toucanet at Tikal on 19 March 2014


Video of Emerald Toucanet eating wild fruit at Tikal on 19 March 2014


Geoffroy's Spider Monkey at Tikal on 18 March 2014


A pair of Roadside Hawks had a nest. 18 March 2014.


Late afternoon at the "Crocodile Pond" at Tikal, we watched at close range a Boat-billed Heron stalking prey. See next 3 photos.


This Boat-billed Heron stalked prey very close to us, unaware of our presence. 18 March 2014.


It lunged into the water after prey and scooped with its enormous bill but didn't appear to catch anything. It stood for a while, then came out onto a fallen branch and walked slowly, watching intently.


Once again it jumped into the water, remained motionless and stared. Boat-billed Herons are primarily nocturnal and wade about in shallow water, but I had no idea they waded up to their chest. It used its wide bill after lunging to scoop at prey.


Keel-billed Toucan is the national bird of Belize, where they are a common sight in the right habitat. This photo was taken at Tikal on 19 March 2014.


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