Crystal Paradise and Blue Hole National Park - page 3 of 7

The fruit feeders at Crystal Paradise attracted many birds such as this Blue-crowned Motmot. 15 March 2014


Early morning we watched the feeders while drinking our coffee.


Plain Chachalacas came to the fruit feeders. 15 March 2014


Clay-colored Thrushes came early to the fruit feeders. 15 March 2014


We walked into St. Herman's Cave in Blue Hole National Park. 15 March 2014


Cave Crickets with big hind legs and long thin antennae live in St. Herman's Cave. Normally they would be in a lightless environment. 5 March 2014.


Red-throated Ant-Tanager was a highlight at our picnic lunch. 5 March 2014.


Lineated Woodpecker at the picnic area at Blue Hole. 15 March 2014.


Our guides spotted this Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl on the road near our hotel. 15 March 2014


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