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Peru 2015

17 - 29 October 2015 - page 1 of 7

Inca Tern on Lima's Pacific coast. Many Inca Terns roost under Pier 4 at Miraflores. Please see next photo. This was a stunning start to our Peru trip. 18 October 2015.

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At the end of the landmark Pier 4 is La Rosa Nautica, a lovely restaurant in beautiful architecture where we had dinner in the evening.


Quest group with Blanca, our Peruvian guide (kneeling centre), at Pachacamac on 18 October 2015. I thank everyone for bringing energy, enthusiasm and good humour to the trip. We had excellent sightings because everyone contributed by spotting wildlife. I thank Laurielle Penny and Justin Peter of Quest Nature Tours for inviting me to lead this trip to Peru.


Inca Tern regurgitating a large fish, which it eventually swallowed. 18 October 2015.


Blackish Oystercatcher at Pier 4 in Miraflores, Lima.


Peruvian Pelicans on the Pacific coast in Lima. 18 October 2015


Adult Belcher's Gull at Pier 4 on the Pacific coast of Lima.


Many-colored Rush-Tyrant at Pantanos de Villa on 18 October 2015.


White-cheeked Pintail at Pantanos de Villa on 18 October 2015.


Andean Gulls at Pantanos de Villa on 18 October 2015.


Franklin's Gull from North America in front of Gray-hooded Gulls at Pantanos de Villa. 18 October 2015


Peruvian Thick-knees at Pachacamac archaeological site. They love to be around rubble, where they blend in so well it's easy to overlook them.


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