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Three species of macaws at the Chuncho Clay Lick in Tambopata Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon: Blue-and-yellow, Red-and-green, and Scarlet Macaws. Our Quest group was fascinated by dozens of colourful macaws eating clay rich in minerals and salt, which give the birds important nutrients and help with digestion. 22 October 2015


Please see:  Video of Macaws at Chuncho Clay Lick


Quest group at the clay lick.


Young Northern Potoo on dead snag beside trail to clay lick. Motionless, this potoo wasn't spotted on the way in, but our guide showed it to us as we were leaving. 22 October 2015.


Ladder-tailed Nightjar on rock beside the river, spotted by one of guides. 22 October 2015.


Long-tailed Potoo at Refugio Amazonas. A young potoo is nestled under its breast feathers. 22 October 2015.


Brown Agouti at Refugio Amazonas. 23 October 2015.


Red-throated Caracara on the Tambopata River.


Fallen trees and logs are washed down and get stuck.


Steering through the logs in our fast canoe.


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