Machu Picchu and Inkaterra Hotel - page 7

Female with young Machu Picchu Viscacha. These endearing rodents are in the Chinchilla family and look like large rabbits with long bushy tails. 26 October 2015.

Please see video: Female and young Viscacha in the Machu Picchu ruins.


This is where they were, easy to miss, but Doris spotted them.


Always alert, they live in the many crevices in the rock walls and are accustomed to crowds of people.


Judy J. and Don P. explore Machu Picchu.


Hotel Inkaterra dining room at Aguas Calientes. This is a beautiful hotel.


Spectacled (Andean) Bear at the sanctuary on Inkaterra Hotel grounds. The hotel participates in a rescue and reintroduction program. One of the bears had been rescued from a circus. If able, the bears progress to semi-captivity and eventually to release back to the wild. Vince and Fern Riddell went on the tour and photographed this bear. Photo by Vince Riddell. 27 October 2015.


Chestnut-breasted Coronet in the gardens of the Inkaterra Hotel. 26 October 2015.


Collared Inca, a spectacular hummingbird, easily seen in the hotel gardens.


Black-backed Grosbeak


Rust-and-yellow Tanager at Machu Picchu on 26 October 2015


Spectacled Redstart at Machu Picchu on 26 October 2015


Excellent birding on the trails at Inkaterra Hotel


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