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We saw many Capybaras on our ride up river to Refugio Amazonas and learned about the world's largest rodent, which can weigh up to 45 kg. They are close relatives of Guinea Pigs. The Capybaras were always closely followed by Giant Cowbirds. 20 October 2015


Giant Cowbirds jumped on a host Capybara and groomed it carefully, presumably eating lice and fleas, a relationship that benefits both Capybara and Giant Cowbird. 20 October 2015.


Usually found near water, Capybaras have partially webbed feet and are excellent swimmers. They also enjoy wallowing in mud.


Spot-legged Poison Dart Frog at Refugio Amazonas. 21 October 2015.


Collared Tree Runner (Plica plica) camouflaged on the bark of the tree. Refugio Amazonas. 21 October 2015.


Cicada laying eggs in a rotten log. 21 October 2015



Capucinus Sister Adelpha capucinus

Iphiclus Sister Adelpha iphiclus


Dyson's Swordtail Rhetus dysonii periander

Violaceous Bent-Skipper Cycloglypha vasibulus


Mesentina Sister Adelpha mesentina. underwing

Mesentina Sister Adelpha mesentina. top

Mosaic Colobura dirce

Longwing heliconius sp. Heliconius erato or melponeme or xanthocles


Crethon Daggerwing Marpesia crethon - underwing

Crethon Daggerwing Marpesia crethon - upperwing


Dido Longwing Philaethria dido




An excellent butterfly resource: thumbs.htm


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