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Quest Nature Tours at Maras Salt Ponds on 24 October 2015.


Community members gathering salt in traditional ways as they have been doing for centuries..


Doris, our guide, brought to life the history of Moray archaeological site. 24 October 2015.


Our group looks over the agricultural terraces at Moray. 24 October 2015.


We enjoyed an excellent picnic lunch at Lake Huaypo. 24 October 2015.


These delightful ornaments are on the roofs of houses in the Sacred Valley to bring good health and prosperity to those who live within.


We enjoyed our stay at El Albergue with its historic buildings and lovely rooms. The gardens were beautiful.


Giant Hummingbird, the largest hummingbird in the world, was a regular visitor to the gardens. 25 October 2015.


Bearded Mountaineer, a large hummingbird and Peruvian endemic, is a frequent visitor to the gardens. 25 October 2015.


Many fuscias and special flowers attracted hummingbirds.


Our final day at Saksaywaman archaeological site. Doris (centre in blue) explains the significance of the site. 28 October 2015.


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